Pigment Paste

Pigment pastes "also known as (pigment emulsion, pigment dispersion) in the international market and organic pigment powder used in detergents, rubber, plastic, paint and distemper, iink and textile industries. because it was founded on the pillars of the practical solution of the problems encountered by our customers. our strength lies in our commitment to service and quality.

It is a highly dispersed suspension of pigments consisting of pigment containing auxiliaries and water. The features are good stability, excellent brightness, speed and high surfaces. It is mainly for printing, textiles made of cotton, flax, viscose, polypropylene, wood, leather and aquatic materials such as paper, pulp, interior coatings, cement, detergent, cosmetics, etc. It is in a well-ventilated, shady and dry conditions stored. It must stirred to avoid the deposition of the storage. A wide range of different shades and hues are available with us.

Pigments are essentially powder, and used to produce a full range of colors. We can say pigments are a commodity, like oil or coal. Using this powder, we produce all kinds of paints and coloring material: enamels, acrylics, pastels, chalk, crayons, oils, etc.

Pigment paste to meet the different needs of the paper industry, plastics and textiles. Pigment dispersion manufactured by dry powder unsaturated polyester resins, are used for coloring glass fiber reinforced plastic. Manufactured from quality raw materials, these pigment pastes and textile are the best options available, and can be delivered in colors like black, blue, orange, red and others. We offer these options in different packaging.

Pigment powders that have a high coloring strength. The best thing about our dyes is that they remain fixed in solid form even at ambient temperatures. These are used widely for various industrial applications, which include coloring fabrics, ink, cosmetics, plastics, food, paint and many others. The materials used for the development of pigment powder is harmless at all. Our range of pigment powders include organic pigments, inorganic pigments and pigment pastes.Available in bright, brilliant shades and strong textile dyes. Among the few red pigments that have very good stability and soap, and therefore used in the manufacture of printing inks for the casings of soap and also in the preparation of emulsions printing on textiles.
01 Sailene Pigment Yelllow S 2G Pigment Yellow 12
02 Sailene Pigment Yellow S 5G Pigment Yellow 3
03 Sailene Pigment Yellow S R Pigment Yellow 1
04 Sailene Pigment Golden Yellow S RM ------
05 Sailene Pigment Orange S G Pigment Orange 13
06 Sailene Pigment Orange S R Pigment orange- 5/td>
07 Sailene Pigment Red S. GR Pigment Red 8
08 Sailene Pigment Red S N Pigment Red 2
09 Sailene Pigment Pink S R Pigment Red 146
10 Sailene Pigment Bourdaux S R Pigment Red 12
11 Sailene Pigment Red Violet S CV Pigment Red 31
12 Sailene Pigment Violet S B Pigment Violet 23
13 Sailene Pigment Navy Blue S B ---------
14 Sailene Pigment Blue S B Pigment Blue 15:0, 15:3
15 Sailene Pigment Turq. Blue S B ---------
16 Sailene Pigment Green S G Pigment Green 7
17 Sailene Pigment Navy Blue S B ---------
18 Sailene Pigment Blue S B Pigment Blue 15:0, 15:3
19 Sailene Pigment Turq. Blue S B ---------