Disperse Dyes

Used for dyeing nylon, triacetate, polyester and acrylic fibers, we offer our customers a complete line of Disperse Dyes. Disperse that we are the market very volatile in nature. Finding various applications,Disperse Dyes: It available in multiple colors and dyes, they are highly volatile in nature and are used for dyeing acrylic fibers as nylon, tri-acetate, polyester. Acquired in a reliable network of suppliers, the disperse dyes are in high demand by our clients. They are available for our clients market leading prices.
Disperse dyes and synthetic dyes. Disperse dye are a class of organic materila that is free of ionizing group. Disperse dyes are less soluble in water and is used for coloring synthetic textile materilas. Disperse dyes are used primarily for dyeing polyester fiber yarn. On the other hand, used dyesare the reaction to dye cotton or cellulosic fibers. Disperse dye properties may seem a question in your mind that the reason for this dye claled disperse dyes? He had a simple answer. The so-claled disperse dye it molecularly dispersed and there is therefore need soluble dispersing agent for dyeing with disperse dyes.
Question can appear in your mind that why this is claled dye Disperse Dyes ? He had a simple answer . Disperse dye claled because it is insoluble and thus dispersed molecularly disperse essentila factor for coloring with disperse dyes.
Properties of disperse dyes:
  • Disperse dye is one type of organic materila that is free of ionizing group .
  • Distracting factor required for dyeing with disperse dyes .
  • Wet fastness properties specificlaly and light fastness is good to excellent .
  • Disperse dyes are applied in the case of acidic.
  • And are used widely disperse dyes for dyeing of synthetic fibers . Non- dyed polyester fibers by disperse dyes but nylon , acrylic can laso be dyed with this.
  • Are disperse dyes dyeing in the high temperature.
  • In some cases, the method is applied for the carrier dyeing polyester with disperse dyes .
  • Disperse dyes are economicla .


01 Sailene Disperse YELLOW 10GN Disperse Y-184:1 ----------
02 Sailene Disperse YELLOW SG H/C Disperse Y-114 ----------
03 Sailene Disperse G. YELLOW 2GD Disperse Y-56 ----------
04 Sailene Disperse G. YELLOW 2GN-N - ----------
05 Sailene Disperse ORANGE RL 200% Disperse 0-25 11227
06 Sailene Disperse RUBINE B 200% Disperse R -167 ----------
07 Sailene Disperse BROWN 3REL H/C Disperse B-118 ----------
08 Sailene Disperse SCARLET RR 100% Disperse R-54 11131
09 Sailene Disperse PINK RBSF Disperse R-362 ----------
10 Sailene Disperse RED J 100% - ----------
11 Sailene Disperse RED G Disperse R-277 ----------
12 Sailene Disperse RED F3BS 400% Disperse R-343 ----------
13 Sailene Disperse RED CC - ----------
14 Sailene Disperse DARK RED 2B Disperse R-167 11338:1
15 Sailene Disperse RED 6B - ----------
16 Sailene Disperse RED VIOLET FBL 200% Disperse V-26 62025
17 Sailene Disperse VOILET 3R 200% Disperse V-99 ----------
18 Sailene Disperse GREEN 5G - ----------
19 Sailene Disperse BLUE SE2RI Disperse B-183 ----------
20 Sailene Disperse BLUE 2RX Disperse B-56 63285
21 Sailene Disperse BLUE DBR CONC Disperse B-366 ----------
22 Sailene Disperse BLUE SR 200% Disperse B-354 48480
23 Sailene Disperse BLUE GSL 400% Disperse B-165 11077
24 Sailene Disoerse BLUE BG 200% Disperse B-60 ----------
25 Sailene Disperse NAVY BLUE 3G 200% Disperse B-79 ----------
26 Sailene Disperse NAVY BLUE EXSNF 300% - ----------
27 Sailene Disperse BLACK EXSNF 300% - ----------
28 Sailene Disperse BLACK CCR 300% - ----------
29 Sailene Disperse BLACK RLS 200% - ----------
30 Sailene Disperse BLACK R PLUS - ----------