Quality Control

Our fundamental principles are to be dedicated to quality, environment and safety. We use strict, uncompromising criteria in our search of quality and purity. We try to achieve sustained profitable growth by continually upgrading and developing newer and improved products by exploring possibilities and incorporating into them newer technologies.

Every aspect of the process of production is strictly supervised and checked for quality beginning with the raw material that enters the factory to the finished products that leave it. Only top quality resins, dyes and solvents are used. Different tests are carried out to ensure that all products are superior in quality, skin friendly and harmless to human and fabric and are water soluble as well.

Regular feedback is obtained from our customers and is worked on so that our products and services can be improved constantly.
R & D
Our constant endeavour is to explore possibilities of newer technology that can be incorporated into our products. Every Research and Development in a product is undertaken keeping the customers, environment, safety and health in mind. We seek to engineer products that comply with environmental legislation and codes of practice. Research and Development is done within the frame work of the following parameters so that

  • Impact on the environment is considered
  • Impact on human beings and their health is taken into account
  • Pollution of air and water is reduced
  • Resources such as water is conserved
  • Usage of resources is optimized
  • Wastage is reduced
  • Recycling, recharging, reusing possibilities are discovered
  • Productivity is enhanced
  • Modifications and variants in the colours and chemicals are introduced that are compliant with environmental codes.